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Who Are Marya and Lupe Guillén? Where Are Mayra and Lupe Guillén Now?

As a docudrama that dives deep right into the 2020 loss and also murder of U.S. Army Specialist Vanessa Guillén at her Fort Hood base in Texas, ‘I Am Vanessa Guillén’ is simply captivating. Nevertheless, this Netflix original charts not simply the way the 20-year-old shed her life by a peer however likewise its complicated consequences through the eyes of her furious, aggravated, as well as regreting family members. So now, if you desire for more information concerning the two loudest voices demanding sheer justice for her from every angle– her loving siblings, Marya as well as Lupe Guillén– we’ve obtained the details for you.

Who Are Marya and Lupe Guillén?

Birthed as well as elevated in Houston as first-generation Mexican immigrants, both Marya as well as Lupe, along with the rest of the Guillén family, have always been proud of their origins. They are therefore a tight-knit family that has actually never ever diverted as well much from one another, which is why the previous, the eldest little girl, really felt guilty once she recognized something may’ve occurred to Vanessa. Marya thought it was her obligation to take care of all 5 siblings as well as she fell short, not realizing that she was among the first to see her sis was missing on the day itself– April 22, 2020.

The truth Marya soon accentuated the unwanted sexual advances Vanessa dealt with at Fort Hood as well as dedicated herself to functioning alongside political leaders for army reform is also considerable for her story. As for Lupe, in spite of the loss undeniably striking her tough, specifically as she considered the previous her second mom and Vanessa her 3rd, she determined it was due time for her to speak out. To put it simply, the then-16-year-old came to be the face of every protest in link to the issue, whether it be for the search for her sis (whose body was found over two months later on) or more.

According to her narrative in the manufacturing, Lupe really had a hard time with speech as a kid– she could not speak properly, or at all, up until around the age of 7, which regrettably led to bullying. I share my opinion when I have to. Plus, to be honest, it was mostly her age, pure craze, yet maturity towards the circumstance that originally attracted the public in.

Where Are Mayra and Lupe Guillén Now?

Lupe as soon as claimed, “Knowing that this could take place to anybody, recognizing that there’s even more victims around, would certainly you allow your child, your son or daughter, authorize a contract with the Army understanding that their life goes to risk? My sibling is worthy of to be secured. Your child is worthy of to be secured. Do not let them recruit you up until we get justice– till Vanessa obtains justice.” Afterward, she openly revealed, “What I understood the other day is that it’s not only the Army’s task to repair this concern, however it’s our task as individuals, as someone who is right here today alive as well as in spirit, to speak out concerning this concern.”

That’s why Mayra and Lupe, together with the aid of the remainder of the Guillén household, have actually worked hard to develop the I Am Vanessa Guillen Foundation and obtain the I Am Vanessa Guillen Bill passed. In addition, they have actually submitted a $35 million wrongful fatality lawsuit against the U.S. Army in the hopes of holding them accountable for the events leading up to April 22, 2020, along with that day.

Involving their specific current standing, while Mayra has actually had to welcome her role in the limelight owing to the political work she’s doing, Lupe has actually since retreated. The sorrow in fact hit the youngster in full pressure a little bit more than a year after her sis’s demise, so she chose to pull back to the background and maybe go back to her typical school life.

Though, the now senior high school grad does have strategies to attend university as well as seek specialist journalism, all the while focusing on her household, close friends, in addition to football. On the other hand, the eldest Guillén child is apparently looking forward to a political career, especially as she’s currently working towards getting another army reform costs passed.

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