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Who Does Yona End Up With In The ‘Yona Of The Dawn’?

Female centric anime never stops leaving a great impact on me. Things get even better, especially when there’s great character development. Perhaps this is why Yona Of The Dawn became such a hit among anime fans. The show showed great character and plot arcs, making it an amazing job to watch. It is based on the manga by the same name that is written and illustrated by Mizuho Kusanagi. The manga was published by Hakusensha and serialised by the Hana to Yume magazine in 2009. It was later translated to English and published by Viz Media. As of 2021, the manga is still ongoing and has shown quite an interesting turn of events. Yona’s development has been quite entertaining, and at this point, fans are wondering who does Yona end up with? Or even more appropriately, if she ended up with Hak.

Yona of the Dawn is no ordinary shojo manga. It is rather empowering and brings out a good meaning for young girls and boys. The fantasy setting makes it fun to watch as well. Instead of focusing on Yona’s love life, the story dives deeper into the life of a ruling woman and her development from being a privileged spoilt brat to being a responsible adult. Perhaps this is why Kusonagi has not made more references than a few fleeting moments in Yona’s love life. However, as curious as the fans of the manga are, they keep thinking about who Yona does end up with. 

Here’s everything we can presume about the situation from what we know so far.

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Who does Yona End up With?

Irrespective of whatever anyone has said, Kusonagi has always made it quite clear that Yona will end up with Hak. The romantic development between the two is pretty slow, but at the same time, it looks very natural and realistic. Fans enjoy their slow and steady growth with positivity. In the current progress of the manga, they have finally gotten together. Kusonagi has finally made their move and made them the ultimate pair of the show. 

Yona and Hak were childhood friends. Initially, Hak is the only one who is seen to be interested in Yona, harbouring a deep and secret love for her. For Yona, there is barely anything romantic for Hak.

who will Yona end up with

Yona and Hak.

In the anime, towards the end, we see Yona care for Hak and get closer to him, but there is no indication of a relationship. However, in the manga, we see more signs from Yona as she starts feeling jealous when it comes to Hak and also accepts loving him. The nitpicking fights and cute moments between them is everything for the fans who ship them. As the story progresses, we finally see them share a kiss before they part ways. 

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Yona and Hak

From the beginning, a constant companion of Yona has been Hak. Hak carries a deep unrequited love for her where he would literally do anything for her, including embrace death. Over the years, we have seen their relationship develop, and it is quite wholesome how Kusonagi has shaped it so far. Rather than being worried about who Yona will end up with, people have always been more worried about if she will be together with Hak in the end. 

Hak has been a fan favourite for ages now. His dedication towards Yona is understandable. Having been brought up with the sole purpose of protecting the crown, he probably would have been just as dedicated to protecting her as he is now. His sarcastic yet benevolent personality, in addition to all the attractive features, makes him one of the most popular characters in the polls of Hana to Yume. The same goes for Yona. In addition to their individual popularity, the two are shipped heavily. A large chunk of the fandom can’t wait to see more content of their romance blossoming.

Yona and Hak

Yona of the Dawn.

About Yona Of The Dawn

The story revolves primarily around Princess Yona, who is spoiled and takes everything for granted. However, when the king is betrayed by cousin Su-won, she is forced to escape and leave behind her life of luxury. Accompanying her is her bodyguard, who is also her childhood friend, Hak. As she journeys through her Kingdom, she understands the dirt of politics and also the pain of the people from a closer reach. 

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