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Who is Ha-Na in Carter, Why Does North Korea and also the CIA Want Her?

Carter is thrust right into activity after finding out regarding a harmful infection affecting Korea and the USA. As carter searches for a remedy and also responses regarding his history, he comes throughout Ha-na, a young girl who is the focal point of the conspiracy theory entailing the 3 countries and the virus. If you are wondering who Ha-na is and why various forces are after her in Netflix’s ‘Carter,’ below is every little thing you need to recognize!

That is Ha-Na in Netflix’s Carter?

In the film, starlet Kim Bo-Min (‘The Silent Sea’) essays the function of Ha-na. The infection spreads to other components, such as the United States and also South Korea to some degree.

He is appointed the job of searching for Ha-na and also safely carrying her to North Korea. Ha-na is the daughter of Dr. Jung Byeong-ho, that functions at the Sinuiju Chemical Weapons Institute.

Why Does North Korea and also the CIA Want Ha-Na?

As the story progresses, viewers find out that the objective to locate as well as move Ha-na to North Korea was formulated by Carter. Carter and his family members were caught in North Korea, as well as he was subjected as a South Korean agent. Consequently, he was forced to cut a deal with North Korean Lieutenant General Kim Jong Hyeok. According to the deal, Carter will look for Ha-na as well as bring her to North Korea. Ha-na has actually been kidnapped by the CIA.

Dr. Jung Byeong-ho, Ha-na’s papa, was able to treat her of the virus. As a result, Ha-na created antibodies against the virus. It is noticeable that the CIA wants Ha-na due to her significance in developing the antidote.

Provided the complicated and also alarming situation in the USA since of the virus, it is likely that the CIA recipes to make use of Ha-na as utilize in defecting Byeong-ho to their side. North Korea likewise desires Ha-na since of the antibodies in her blood. Inevitably, Ha-na is the last hope of making the antidote to the lethal infection.

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