Who is Mike on Keep Breathing End Credits, How Did He Die?

Who is Mike on Keep Breathing End Credits, How Did He Die?

While she struggles to locate food as well as sanctuary for herself, moments from the previous dive into her mind, as well as we find her psychological and emotional battles. While the program is not based on a real story, it does depend on a great deal of realistic aspects to reveal the difficulties that its lead character has to conquer. Who is he as well as just how was he included with the show?

Who is Mike Banas?

Mike Banas was a prize-winning editor, understood for his deal with television programs like ‘Blindspot’, ‘Continuum’, ‘Stargate Universe’ and also ‘The Dead Zone’, among others. He additionally worked as the editor for the fourth and also the fifth episode of ‘Keep Breathing’.

A graduate of the University of Toronto and also Concordia University in Montreal, Banas was a History significant before he transformed in the direction of editing and enhancing. Soon, he moved to Los Angeles, where he remained for the rest of his life, working on Television shows in various genres.

Banas was married to Jennifer Johnson, who is a TV producer and also writer. He was an animal enthusiast as well as had a dog called Ruby, who likewise experienced some health concerns. While he spent the majority of his time editing many hours of tv, he additionally liked to go snowboarding in British Columbia in the winter seasons.

Exactly How Did Mike Banas Die?

Mike Banas passed away on February 23, 2022, at the age of 53, after battling cancer for 2 years. Called a thoughtful, kind, as well as generous individual, Banas’ life was celebrated by his friends and family in the four cities– Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and also Los Angeles– that he called house at different points in time.

“Mike was the editor who reduced my very first episode of TV, my initial feature film, he reduced the whole first season of my very first TV program. Mike was my person,” created Gero. He credits Banas for educating him a whole lot of things about the process of editing as well as directing, and also claimed that Banas proceeds to educate his decisions as a supervisor also currently.

In one of his last messages to Gero, Banas created: “You need to recognize I’m not scared of checking out, I’m scared of the hole I’m going leave in those I enjoy. I seem like humans are light switches and also when I switch off, I’m off. So allow’s try to get the rips over with rapidly and make some jokes while we can.” Leaving words like these, Banas was constantly encouraging individuals and motivating them to be their much better selves and is deeply missed by his loved ones.

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