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Who is Singer LiS’s Husband? Does She Have Kids?

Directed by Taketoshi Sado, Netflix’s ‘LiSA Another Great Day’ is a documentary that information the specialist trip of popular Japanese singer Risa Oribe, who is famously recognized as LiSA. The docudrama commemorates 10 years of LiSA’s life as an artist and also some of the most remarkable moments of her career. Is LiSA in fact a married female, and who did she link the know with?

LiSA’s Husband

Yes, LiSA is indeed married to well-known voice star and singer Tatsuhisa Suzuki. In May 2019, reports from one of Japan’s leading investigatory information agencies asserted that LiSA and also Suzuki were involved.

Both LiSA and also Suzuki preserved a subtle exclusive life, as well as things appeared to be working out between the two up until the photo was ruined. In late July 2021, reports claimed that Suzuki was having an extramarital affair. His alleged henchman was apparently a lady called A-san, a staff member at a studio where Suzuki worked. A-san was reportedly in charge of the recording procedure while Suzuki functioned.

Apparently, the duo had actually started dealing with each other in late 2020 and expanded rather close during the procedure. Around the spring of 2021, thy seemingly ended up being intimate and began going to resorts together. There have been claims that A-san was far from discreetly regarding belonging to the affair. She apparently bragged about the same on her social media sites, which increased many brows within the market. According to reports, Suzuki would also take A-san to the residence he shared with LiSA. Many people claimed that Suzuki was not delighted about the space in popularity between himself and his wife, which might have contributed to his alleged disloyality.

After the information concerning Suzuki’s supposed affair burst out, both he and also LiSA took a respite from their job, with the last also stopping her trip implied to promote her album “Ladybug.” Shortly after the so-called disclose, Suzuki was admitted to a hospital in the Minato Ward, Tokyo. Records asserted that the voice actor had actually tried to take his very own life though he was saved and nursed back to wellness over a period of 2 weeks.

Upon finding out the news of her husband’s health and wellness, LiSA rushed to the medical facility as well as was eager to obtain an upgrade on the scenario. People claiming to be near the singer specified that LiSA was already psychologically stressed out relating to the information of her husband’s affair, and the a hospital stay only intensified her unhappiness. Several clarified that LiSA was apparently not mad yet exceptionally depressing regarding the whole circumstance.

It appears that the pair has actually moved on from Suzuki’s claimed event, as well as they even held a personal wedding ceremony at a restaurant in Aichi Prefecture, Japan. Neither LiSA neither Suzuki seem to be a part of each other’s social media, however they are recognized for keeping quiet about their individual life.

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