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Who Is the Woman Beth Hit? Why Did Beth Hit Her?

The third episode pits Beth versus a really individual problem as she is arrested for attacking a woman. Audiences should be curious regarding the inspirations behind Beth’s actions and the identification of the woman Beth strikes.

Who Is the Woman Beth Hit?

The 3rd episode of season 5, entitled ‘Tall Drink of Water,’ sees Beth conference with Robert Baldus, an agent of Berson International, a competitor of Market Equities. After she offers her managing stake in Schwartz & Meyer to Beron International, Beth deals an enormous blow to Market Equities.

At the Crystal Bar in Bozeman, Montana, Beth, Rip, Lloyd, and the others have a great time. The evening turns sour after Beth chooses up a battle with a woman at the bar. Beth completely attacks the woman with a beer container.

Why Did Beth Hit the Woman?

The episode highlights the fight in between Beth and also Hailey, developing the core of the final act. After a turbulent on-off connection, Rip and also Beth ultimately link the knot at the end of season 4. As Hailey comes close to Beth to discuss the circumstance, her comments are not satisfied kindly.

It is obvious that Beth attacks Hailey for hitting on her partner. Beth striking Hailey showcases her strong determination and dedication to her marriage with Rip. The fight between Beth as well as Hailey seems much from over as well as could create right into an amazing subplot that will evaluate Rip and also Beth’s relationship.

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