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Who is Wanna Marchi? Where is Wanna Marchi Now?

In Italy throughout the 1980s, no one was much more popular than Wan na Marchi when it came to offering points on tv. She was called the “Queen of Teleshopping” for her relatively amazing influential capabilities and for selling anything from slimming creams to lotto numbers.

Who is Wan na Marchi?

Wan na was birthed in September 1942 in Bologna, Italy. She was from a family of farmers and part of a big family members of 13. As per the show, Wan na married her first partner, Raimondo Nobile, in 1961 when she was around 18 years old, as well as she eventually had a little girl, Stefania, as well as a child, Maurizio. Wan na stated on the program that the connection had not been great throughout the years, and Raimondo struck her at one point prior to he ultimately left permanently.

In 1974, Wan na worked as a cosmetician in Bologna. Towards the end of the 1970s, Wan na was provided with the possibility of selling items on television.

According to the program, Wan na begun selling slendering lotion, and her strategy at the time was unorthodox yet effective. She would certainly call individuals out and also point out just how points like acne were gross. Yet in some way, it worked. Eventually, Stefania signed up with the business as well, and also the family began generating the money. However, for various factors, including negative investments, Wan na declared personal bankruptcy.

Wan na and Stefania jumped back by working together with another entrepreneur prior to striking out on their own. As per the show, they sold horoscopes and also even lottery numbers, asserting Mario knew them.

Wan na, Stefania, and also Mario’s customers were largely older, retired females who were usually convinced to acquire points like an amulet or rituals. The team declared that these products would heal things like drug addiction, growths, or various other illness when in truth, none of that took place. The investigation later revealed a pattern of telephone drivers attempting to obtain the clients to keep acquiring items. When they would transform their mind concerning paying, the authorities specified that Wan na would certainly insult them as well as the operators would intimidate them with bad points.

Where is Wan na Marchi Today?

The detectives pointed out that Wan na as well as her team defrauded over 300,000 consumers, making over 33 million Euros in revenues in 5 years. Wan na was apprehended with her companion, Francesco Campana, as well as Stefania in January 2002.

The high-profile test began in May 2004, and also at the end of it, Wan na was found guilty of benefiting and also defrauding a number of consumers from the TV sales. According to the show, in May 2006, she was sentenced to 10 years behind bars. In March 2009, Wanna’s sentence was decreased to nine years as well as 6 months after an allure. After offering half her sentence, she was allowed to leave the jail daily to work at a coffee shop run by Stefania’s then-partner.

In October 2012, Wan na was launched from jail after serving about 6 years behind bars. Wan na as well as Stefania have been in the information periodically since then; In December 2017, Wan na was tapped to show a training course to striving salespeople at an institute. The institute ultimately chose not to have her or Stefania after experiencing backlash from the public. Wan na later on attempted her hand at food blogging too, and the mom as well as little girl duo showed up on TV for a marathon show in September 2021. Wan na currently splits her time in between Milan, Italy, as well as Albania and also copes with Stefania.

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