Who Is Will Putnam is Father in The Only Murders in the Building?

Who Is Will Putnam is Father in The Only Murders in the Building?

‘Only Murders in the Building’ period 2 grabs after the cliffhanger ending of period 1. It packs several twists as well as surprising tricks that keep the stories of Charles, Oliver, and Mabel. In the 5th episode of the period, Oliver’s past is exposed intriguingly, bringing to light a dark key. The episode questions about the parentage of Oliver’s son, Will Putnam. If you are trying to find solutions about Will’s father in ‘Only Murders in the Building,’ right here is every little thing you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

That Is Will Putnam?

Oliver is far-off from his son as he faces economic concerns after his divorce from his wife, Roberta. The exact same is proved after Oliver admits that he hasn’t paid his apartment or condo rent in months.

After Oliver discovers the fact concerning Tim Kono’s murder, Will starts to value his father. In the 2nd period, Will and also Oliver share a close bond, and also Oliver aids Will with his grandson’s college musical.

That Is Will Putnam’s Dad?

In the fifth episode of ‘Only Murders in the Building,’ entitled ‘The Tell,’ Oliver’s past is highlighted through his fondness for figuring out whether anyone is concealing a secret. The scene leads to Will supposing whether his daddy is also concealing a secret.

In the episode’s last minutes, Will obtains the test results. According to the results, Will is Greek on his dad’s side. Oliver is Irish, making Will question his true parentage. After Oliver finds out the examination results, he too is shocked to discover the reality. The revelation takes Oliver back to the night of the party that visitors at the episode’s start. During the party, Oliver appropriately presumes that Teddy Dimas is the killer in a game of Son of Sam.

After the game ends, Oliver questions whether Teddy is hiding an additional secret. The scene finishes with Oliver awkwardly sitting between Teddy and Roberta. The scene suggests that Oliver is uninformed of the truth that Teddy as well as Roberta had an event.

In the previous episode, Teddy threatens to ruin Oliver’s life since of Oliver’s involvement in introducing Teddy’s crimes. Teddy is most likely attempting to ruin Oliver’s partnership with his son as revenge.

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