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Who Steals the Omega Sapphire from Eagan? Is Eagan Dead?

Netflix’s ‘Manifest’ enters its 4th season with a considerable amount of secrets that have actually built up throughout the years. Whenever the characters find a solution, thinking that they have actually taken a step better to understanding what truly happened to them on Flight 828, a lot more mysteries are thrown at them. The first part of Season 4 introduces its fair share of difficulty for the characters, however it also gives them some solutions.

The link of sapphire to the scenario of Flight 828 was pointed out in the third season. After the sapphire is discovered, Eagan runs away with it, but it does not continue to be in his ownership for as well long.

Who Steals the Omega Sapphire from Eagan?

The Omega Sapphire is found by the cooperations of Michaela, Saanvi, and also Eagan. While the women are interested in figuring out just how it can conserve the travelers, Eagan sees it as a possibility. The sapphire is the most powerful point in the world, as well as if Eagan has it, not only can he revise the path of his life by altering the Death Date, yet he can likewise transform the world to his preference. The Omega Sapphire in his hands is not a good thing, as well as Michaela as well as Saanvi don’t squander whenever before informing the others about it.

While the Stones as well as their close friends contemplate over Eagan’s intents with the sapphire as well as just how to get it back, Eden sits in a corner, active with the phone. Due to the fact that Eden never stated a word throughout the phone call, this individual may have instructed her not to, lest any person wonder who she was speaking to.

Thinking about that there is just one individual who can control Eden similar to this, it is clear that the individual on the side of the phone was none besides Angelina. She is the only one outside the team made privy to this new advancement, and also soon after, we find Eagan lying on the floor of his space and the sapphire is nowhere to be seen. This leaves no question about the fact that she was all ears on the discussion happening between the Stone family members and also before they can do it, she steals the sapphire for herself.

Is Eagan Dead?

There are a total of 191 passengers on the reveal of Flight 828, however just a few of them are as interesting as Eagan. He is presented a lot later in the program, however he quickly becomes one of one of the most crucial players on the scene. He presents a better understanding of the calls and also has actually been utilizing them to his benefit. He does show a tip of good character sometimes, yet overall, he remains a person who is bought only his own passions.

When the Omega Sapphire is discovered, he doesn’t stop to think that it might really help everybody. The only factor he ‘d laid out to locate the sapphire was for his own earnings. He forgets that there are others who may be looking for it too. Quickly sufficient, Angelina appears at his door. By this time, she has verified simply how dangerous she can be, which is why it is not a shock when we find Eagan hurt and also the sapphire missing out on.

In the beginning look, it resembles Eagan is dead, but eventually, it turns out that he has survived. Angelina just knocked him subconscious. Her primary objective was to get the sapphire. As soon as that takes place, she runs away, familiar with the reality that may find out about it soon. This haste could be the only reason that Angelina really did not stop to end up the job. All the same, it spells good information for Eagan who endures to see another day.

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