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Who Was Leo Baker Father, How Did He Die

With Netflix’s ‘Stay on Board: The Leo Baker Story’ beaming a light upon the issue of identity on the planet of gendered sports, an entirely new along with inspiring outlook obtains spotlight. It charts not simply competitive skateboarder Leo’s increase to popularity however likewise his inner battle to preserve a flourishing occupation without living his truth as a transmasculine non-binary person. Therefore, of course, one of the primary people to assist navigate his trip in this gripping original is his mommy, Donna Baker– as well as now, if you wish to find out more concerning her, we’ve got you covered.

That is Donna Baker?

Donna is as encouraging as a mom can be (as shown by the way she has actually maintained her children’ items), the fact is there was a point she could not also have them under her care. “There was a lot of fun times, there were some good times, yet there was some hard times. There was some heartbreak along the road,” she specified in the docudrama. “I state I appeared of the 1980s with 3 lovely children and a dependency to meth.” In fact, she met Leo’s daddy in rehab and brought to life him (as Lacey Baker) while still in treatment, only to relapse quickly after.

That’s when Donna’s children were positioned in the foster care system, driving her to tidy up her substitute great, securely get them back residence again, as well as start offering to the greatest of her capabilities. The family members undoubtedly “rarely had anything,” yet the matriarch kept Leo skate boarding because it made him genuinely satisfied, just for him to soon unintentionally become their lead income source. The sponsorships, rewards, and also competitions were how they normally endured, all the while Donna apparently continued to make efforts as well, which slowly caused every little thing improving.

Where is Donna Baker Now?

From what we can inform, Donna Baker still lives in her hometown of Covina in Los Angeles County, California, where she happily functions as rather an effective, self-made Esthetician. She is pyrrolidone carboxylic acid (PCA) skin care licensed, a peel specialist, an eyebrow expert, as well as a wax expert with both proper training along with experience under her belt.

Donna actually did jobs as a Licensed Vocational Nurse at three various medical-aesthetic facilities– Wave Plastic Surgery & Aesthetic Laser Center, RejuvaYou Medical, and also Trinity Aftercare– prior to making a decision to venture out on her very own. We ought to discuss that the mommy of three has leveled approximately a granny now, as well as it’s evident she’s close to every participant of her prompt family.

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