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Who’s Back in Netflix’s Karate Kid Series?

The Karate Little one is among the many classic 80s films to procure revived in the 21st Century. We’ve seen sequels for The Terminator, Alien, Neatly-known particular person Wars, and even reboots of franchises much like Dredd and Robocop. Yet, it’s controversial that none of them had been revived or rebooted as smartly as The Karate Little one. The hit trilogy got a rush-off sigh known as Cobra Kai, which premiered exclusively on YouTube Red in 2018 sooner than inviting to Netflix, turning into one of the most streamer’s greatest and most beloved hits.

Unlike the 2011 Karate Little one reboot movie, Cobra Kai is a negate continuation of the long-established trilogy. We note Johnny Lawrence, one of the most bullies seen in the principle film, and the procedure his life has fallen for the reason that war in the All Valley Tournament. Here, Johnny opens up a dojo and revives the Cobra Kai title and mantra. We spy a slew of returning characters and original teens studying the ways of Cobra Kai and Mr. Miyagi.

Cobra Kai is a assortment with one of the most final note casts on TV, and it may maybe maybe probably maybe additionally additionally be stressful to protect song of each and each personality. Fortunately, we took the time to craft an intensive recordsdata thru the sphere of The Karate Little one and Cobra Kai. Here is each and each main participant in the hit Netflix assortment.

Returning Karate Little one Characters

Johnny Lawrence

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In a twist on the long-established franchise, Johnny Lawrence (William Zabka) is the main personality of Cobra Kai. We final saw him getting kicked in the face by Daniel LaRusso on the cease of The Karate Little one. Now, he’s a middle-long-established man who seemingly peaked in high college. When we first meet Johnny in the veil-day, he’s at a in point of fact low region. Calm, after assembly Miguel and instructing him methods to face up for himself, Johnny realizes that instructing Karate is his calling -turning into a mentor for Miquel and the other teens who be a a part of at Cobra Kai.

After his dilapidated sensei, John Kreese, renters the image, Johnny has to cope with the changes in his college students. Ultimately, some of his college students prefer Kreese’s harsher methods, forcing Johnny to delivery a original dojo turn into self reliant from the now Kreese-led Cobra Kai, Eagle Fang Karate, and no, Eagles don’t have fangs.

Daniel LaRusso

Image by capability of Netflix

Daniel LaRusso (Ralph Macchio) was the star of The Karate Little one trilogy and rival of Johnny Lawrence. After the events of The Karate Little one Section III, Daniel met his partner Amanda, has two teens, and now runs one of basically the most powerful car dealerships in California. His life of luxurious and success is your total opposite of Johnny’s, and that incompatibility, alongside with the adaptation of their grasp’s philosophy, constantly has them at odds with each and each other.

This rivalry results in Daniel starting a original dojo, Miyagi Form Karate, the keep he teaches a much less aggressive philosophy, in stark incompatibility to Johnny’s Cobra Kai. With Kreese in the image, Daniel and Johnny in spite of all the pieces mix their dojos in a united entrance against Cobra Kai, leading into the events of season four.

John Kreese

Image by capability of Netflix

The founding father of Cobra Kai, John Kreese (Martin Kove), makes his triumphant return in the season one finale. Johnny’s dilapidated grasp looks to have modified from the taskmaster we’ve near to know from the flicks, but as the fable progresses, we spy that he’s as ruthless as ever. From there on, Kreese becomes the main antagonist turning into a neighborhood to each and each Johnny and Daniel, to the purpose the keep Johnny loses alter of his dojo.

In season three, now we have flashbacks to his militia days and spy Younger Kreese (Barrett Carnahan) be taught the cruel truths of war and the procedure it influences his actions in the veil day. Kreese begins to invent his military of karate masters and weeds out the weaker opponents in Cobra Kai, and now, ultimate the ruthless dwell.

Terry Silver

Image by capability of Netflix

Terry Silver (Thomas Ian Griffith) is a shut friend of John Kreese and one of the most main characters from The Karate Little one Section III. In that film, we realized that Silver talented Kreese the Cobra Kai dojo, and on the cease of season three, we realized that Kreese has requested Silver for again. We haven’t seen Terry Silver yet, but he’s going to be a main participant in season four, probably serving as a original foil for Daniel and Johnny.

Current Characters

Miguel Diaz

Image by capability of Netflix

Miguel Diaz (Xolo Maridueña) is a high college student and the next-door neighbor of Johnny Lawrence. After Johnny sees Miguel getting jumped, he decides to pick him underneath his fly, making him the principle student of the newly revamped Cobra Kai. Miguel and Johnny have a in point of fact special relationship and are serving to each and each other for the simpler. Below Johnny’s tutelage, Miguel is in spite of all the pieces in a keep to wrestle again. He inspires the “nerds” to affix Cobra Kai and be taught self-defense, in spite of all the pieces leading to him winning the All Valley match.

The Cobra Kai mentality begins to impress Miguel negatively, and he begins to turn into extra scorching-headed and aggressive. After his season two wrestle with Robby, a war so brutal it left Miguel in a coma, Miguel began to enjoy that a extra stage-headed solution to life is most engaging than the No Mercy mentality Johnny in the foundation taught him. This ends with him reuniting alongside with his associates at Myagi-Form and Eagle Fang.

Samantha LaRusso

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Samantha LaRusso (Mary Mouser) is the daughter of Daniel and is in a relationship with Miguel. The 2 are caught in the course of Johnny and Daniel’s rivalry, which makes their relationship tough. Sam in spite of all the pieces joins her father’s original Myagi-Form dojo, which results in even extra drama as she gets nearer to Johnny’s son, Robby Keene.

Sam was taught karate at a in point of fact early age, studying from Daniel and even Mr. Myagi when she was itsy-bitsy. She’s been caught up in this karate rivalry and started serving to her father boom the Myagi-Form college students.

Robby Keene

Image by capability of Netflix

Robby Keene (Tanner Buchanan) is Johnny’s son and is taken in by the LaRusso household. Johnny was never in Robby’s life, and his mother wasn’t round sufficient to boost him properly. The kindness that the LaRusso’s showed Robby was serving to him switch, but after a scoot-in with John Kreese, he begins to lunge down a shadowy direction, right like Johnny did again in the 80s.

After placing Miguel in a coma, Robby finally ends up in juvey and wants nothing to keep with Daniel or Johnny. The devour triangle between Sam, Miguel, and Robby ultimate complicates issues further. This expertise ultimate pushes him further into the hands of Kreese, leading to him switching sides by the cease of season three.

Eli “Hawk” Moskowitz

Image by capability of Netflix

Take care of Miguel, Eli Moskowitz (Jacob Bertrand) is a teenager who’s constantly bullied, but after joining Cobra Kai, he finds his self assurance. Sadly, the original Eli (now going by Hawk) channels his rage into false bravado, making him the bully he was looking to face as much as no longer long previously.

Hawk rapidly becomes basically the most vicious of the Cobra Kai college students. He begins picking fights, relishing the likelihood to war any individual. In spite of all the pieces of his associates leave, he begins to enjoy that Kreese is somewhat of a psychopath. He begins to change his ways and joins the others on the original Eagle Fang and Myagi Form dojo.

Tory Nichols

Image by capability of Netflix

Tory Nichols (Peyton Checklist) joins Cobra Kai in season two, and from the starting, we spy she’s already on Miguel’s stage of combating prowess. After his breakup with Sam, Tory and Miguel delivery so a long way, but he tranquil has feelings for his ex-lady friend. Here is the delivery of her rivalry with Sam, but issues ultimate escalate when John Kreese takes over Cobra Kai.

Kreese is aware of that Tory is by a long way the strongest fighter in Cobra Kai, so he does all the pieces he can to be obvious she holds on to her infuriate and rage. He manipulates her and Robby so he could maybe make the correct opponents that that that you just can maybe mediate. Sadly, for each person else, Tory seemingly loves the original Cobra Kai, that procedure they’ll have a hand fats if they pass paths with Tory again.


Image by capability of Netflix

Demitri (Gianni Decenzo) is a friend of Miguel and Hawk but does no longer like Johnny or Kreese’s instructing methods. He’s somewhat of a coward, and that makes him the irregular one out of their friend community. Despite the indisputable reality that, he does in spite of all the pieces in finding his combating spirit when he switches to Myagi-Form Karate.

Amanda LaRusso

Image by capability of Netflix

Amanda LaRusso (Courtney Henggeler) is Daniel’s partner and co-founding father of the LaRusso Auto Neighborhood. She’s in total the remark of reason and constantly tries to procure Daniel to cease his rivalry with Johnny. In season three, we spy Amanda turning into extra aggressive when Kreese takes over Cobra Kai.

Kreese appears to be like to lift the worst out of all individuals, and Amanda is the correct one who thought to call the police regarding this gang war. Sadly for her, Kreese is continually three steps forward.

Carmen Diaz

Image by capability of Netflix

Miguel’s mother, Carmen Diaz (Vanessa Rubio), is reluctant about her son studying karate, but after seeing how glad it made Miguel, she ended up letting him boom with Johnny. Her relationship with Johnny grows from there, and they even started courting, but after Robby put Miguel in a coma, she broke all ties with Johnny and rightfully blamed him for what took region.

After Miguel’s restoration, Carmen in spite of all the pieces let Johnny again into her life, but the two haven’t started courting again. Johnny never gets to admit his feelings because Miguel is caught up in one more wrestle against Kreese’s Cobra Kai.

Customer Stars and Cameos

Ali Mills

Image by capability of Netflix

Daniel and Johnny’s dilapidated flame from 1984, Ali is among the few characters coming again from the long-established Karate Little one movie. Performed by the very fair correct Elisabeth Shue, Ali makes a distinct look and reconnects with Johnny and later Daniel. She and Daniel’s partner, Amanda, procure on smartly lawful away as they talked about how intense Johnny and Daniel’s rivalry is and the procedure they haven’t modified after these years.

Ali is married (albeit separated) to her husband, Dr.Gregory Schwarber. Johnny in the foundation reached out to Ali in the principle two seasons. Calm, after developing feelings for his neighbor, Carmen, he and Ali never pursue any romantic relationship and will dwell associates.

Mr. Myagi

Image by capability of Columbia Photos

The unhurried Pat Morita is seen in different flashbacks to The Karate Little one trilogy. Even supposing Mr. Myagi isn’t making any original appearances in the assortment, his presence is felt, and his spirit lives on. Thru Daniel opening Myagi-Form Karate and sharing what he realized alongside with his college students, Mr. Myagi is among the key characters in the total assortment.

Lucille LaRusso

Image by capability of Netflix

Daniel’s mother, Lucille LaRusso (Randee Heller), makes an look in the assortment. We final heard from her in The Karate Little one Section III, the keep she was off taking care of Daniel’s Uncle Louie LaRusso Sr. In the veil day, she makes a distinct look in Cobra Kai, visiting Daniel and his household for dinner.

Tommy, Bobby, and Jimmy

Image by capability of Netflix

Johnny’s dilapidated high college associates plot a distinct look in the 2nd season of Cobra Kai. Tommy (the unhurried Decide Garrison) is gravely sick and isn’t anticipated to dwell for a long way longer. Johnny and associates Jimmy (Tony O’Dell) and Bobby (Ron Thomas) secure to have one extra plod collectively. The four associates exit drinking, mountaineering, and placing out like dilapidated times.

This episode is extraordinarily touching because it pays tribute to Decide Garrison is handed away no longer long after filming this episode.


Image by capability of Netflix

After Daniel is compelled to plot a enterprise time out to Tokyo, Japan, he takes some time to search the recommendation of with Mr. Myagi’s region of starting keep of Okinawa. There, he reunites with Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita), and he or she helps Daniel remember the teachings of his dilapidated sensei. This come across in spite of all the pieces resulted in him studying methods to avoid wasting his Automotive enterprise.

Kumiko executed her dream of traveling and now heads a dancing community in Okinawa. Kumiko and Daniel’s connection is correct as stable right here as in The Karate Little one Section II.

Chozen Toguchi

Image by capability of Netflix

As soon as Daniel reconnects with Kumiko, she reintroduces him to Chozen (Yuji Okumoto). In the foundation, he was the main antagonist in The Karate Little one Section II. After seeing Daniel again, Chozen reveals that he spent the leisure of his life regretting his actions and felt smartly-behaved disgrace after The Karate Little one Section II events.

Chozen has modified his ways and helped Daniel realize the philosophy of Myagi-Form Karate. He even teaches Daniel a rigidity point system to immobilize his opponents, something Daniel later makes use of in a wrestle with Kreese.


Image by capability of Netflix

Yuna (Traci Toguchi) makes an look and helps Daniel protect his dealership. We had been first supplied to Yuna when Daniel saves her from a hurricane in The Karate Little one Section II. Currently, she’s the Senior Vice President of Gross sales for Donyona Worldwide, the same firm Daniel mandatory to spy in the principle region.

She manages to again Daniel and permits his lifetime contract with Doyona to face, guaranteeing he doesn’t lose the firm he’s labored so laborious to invent from the floor up.

Supporting Characters

Louie LaRusso Jr.

Image by capability of Netflix

Performed by Bret Ernst, Louie LaRusso is Daniel’s cousin and is a troublemaker on the LeRusso firm. Daniel was doing Louie a prefer by hiring him on to his firm, but he’s lazy and even devices Johnny’s car on fireplace at one point. He was fired in season one but later given a 2nd likelihood in season 3.

Anoush Norouzi

Image by capability of Netflix

Anoush Norouzi (Dan Ahdoot) is among the workers of the LeRusso car firm. Anoush is one of basically the most legit staff for Daniel and Amanda, constantly serving to desirable up Louie’s messes.

Later, Daniel and Amanda’s rival, Tom Cole, provides Anoush a better keep and better pay. Anoush is willing to give Daniel and Amanda a gamble to check the provide, but Daniel never exhibits as much as the assembly because he’s preoccupied alongside with his dojo. Anoush accepts the provide but later returns to LaRusso Auto and tells them that Cole is looking to force Doyona Worldwide to cease their contract with the LaRusso’s.


Image by capability of Netflix

Kyler is the bully Johnny saves Miguel from on the starting of the assortment. He’s a high college wrestler, bully, and coward. Kyler and his associates keep no longer need any arena attacking of us they stare as weaker than them, but as soon as Miguel learns methods to wrestle again, Kyler begins to again off and even fears Miguel.

Kyler would maybe be Sam’s ex-boyfriend, which ultimate adds fuel to the fireplace thru his grudge against Miguel and the leisure of his associates. In season three, he joins Cobra Kai and becomes a foil for Hawk while also turning into associates with Tory and Robby.


Image by capability of Netflix

Yasmine (Annalisa Cochrane) goes to West Valley High College with Miguel, Demitri, Hawk, and Sam. She’s your conventional smartly-liked lady who doesn’t prefer anything else to keep with those underneath her social space. This results in her clashing with the college students of Cobra Kai, who had been in total those being bullied.

After a war of phrases with Aisha, Yasmine began to trust what it felt would favor to be laughed at and realized she was corrupt. As soon as the hierarchy of energy modified, so did she. Yasmine has turn into a friend to those she seemed down on and even started courting Demitri.


Image by capability of Netflix

Yasmine’s ultimate friend, Moon (Hannah Kepple), is one more supporting personality from West Valley High. Take care of Yasmine, she was shut associates with Sam on the foundation of the assortment, but the three had a falling out. After the events of season one, Moon rapidly modified and grew to turn into one of the most extra forgiving and compassionate characters in the assortment. She started courting Hawk but ended their relationship after he began to bully Demetri. Moon is in total one of the most few college students looking to put a discontinuance between the dojos and wants all individuals to be associates.

Aisha Robinson

Image by capability of Netflix

Aisha (Nichole Brown) was one of Sam’s associates in the principle two seasons. Yasmine and Moon had been bullies to Aisha, and that drove a wedge between her and Sam. She in spite of all the pieces joins Cobra Kai and becomes one of Johnny’s high college students. On the other hand, after the events of the season two finale, her of us moved from the Valley and enrolled her in a original college.


Image by capability of Netflix

Mitch (Aedin Mincks) rapidly joins Cobra Kai and becomes a bully after adopting their “Strike First. Strike Arduous. No Mercy.” philosophy. He’s in spite of all the pieces bested by Kyler and is kicked out of Kreese’s dojo. He later joins his associates, Chris and Bert, at Eagle Fang Karate.


Image by capability of Netflix

Take care of Mitch, Chris (Khalil Everage) is among the original participants of Cobra Kai, but he did no longer pick generous to their ruthless mentality. So, he joins Myagi-Form Karate and trains underneath Daniel and Sam. There, he becomes shut associates with Demetri and the other participants of the dojo.


Image by capability of Netflix

Bert (Owen Morgan) is the youngest student at Cobra Kai but tranquil manages to protect his own against the leisure of his opponents. He is exiled out of Cobra Kai as soon as Kreese takes over and later joins Eagle Fang Karate. He also has a rivalry with Nathaniel, the youngest student in Myagi-Form Karate.


Image by capability of Netflix

Nathaniel (Nathaniel Oh) in the foundation was a student of Cobra Kai, the keep he was ultimate associates with Bert. Despite the indisputable reality that, when he realized that the Cobra Kai college students destroyed the Myagi-Form dojo, he, alongside with Chris, left Cobra Kai and joined Myagi-Form Karate.

Raymond “Stingray”

Image by capability of Netflix

Stingray (Paul Walter Hauser) is the correct grownup member of Cobra Kai and occurs to be one of basically the most ruthless. Johnny ultimate lets him be a a part of because he’s a paying buyer, and so his involvement in this teenage drama is in total for laughs. He’s in spite of all the pieces arrested for taking part in the college wrestle in the season 2 finale.

Shannon Keene

Image by capability of Netflix

Robbie’s mother, Shannon Keene (Diora Baird), is any individual we don’t know powerful about exterior of her relationship with Robby and Johnny. We know she raised Robby and has long broken up with Johnny, but we ultimate spy her bar hopping in the veil day. She is now in rehab and looks to be making strides in the lawful direction.

Her relationship with Robbie is tricky and is among the reasons he moves in with the LeRusso’s. She later looks in season three, the keep we be taught that she’s on the 2nd in rehab. After all the pieces that’s took region in her life, she’s in spite of all the pieces ready to plot a switch.

Anthony LaRusso

Image by capability of Netflix

Daniel and Amanda’s son, Anthony Larusso (Griffin Santopietro), doesn’t in total appear, probably because he has zero interest in karate. We spy him when scenes trust the total LaRusso household, but he’s in total off taking part in video video games.


Image by capability of Netflix

Lynn (Susan Gallagher) is a personality who looks in the assortment for the one real reason of demanding Johnny. She’s homeless and is in total seen near the Cobra Kai dojo, and her interactions with Johnny are in total played for laughs, so it’s constantly fun when she makes an look.

Tom Cole

Image by capability of Netflix

Tom Cole (David Shatraw) is the proprietor of Cole’s on Van Nuys. He’s Daniel and Amanda’s enterprise foil and is in total looking to compete with LaRusso Auto. He despatched Daniel 100 sausages after his billboard was vandalized; he also glad Anoush to leave the LaRusso’s firm. On the other hand, after Anoush alerted the LaRusso’s about Cole’s are trying to persuade Doyona Worldwide to prevent their contract, Yuna steps in and saves Daniel’s enterprise.

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