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Why Did Chippendales Founder Somen Banerjee Change His Name to Steve?

Although birthed in Bombay (currently Mumbai), India, on October 8, 1946, as Somen Banerjee, we actually recognize the Bengali founder of Chippendales much better by his selected, much-westernized name Steve. It’s what he always favored to utilize when it came to his specialist life, no matter the influence it carried his roots, as carefully suggested in Hulu’s eight-part minimal series ‘Welcome to Chippendales.’ So now, if you wish to learn more regarding his history along with the factor he determined to take on a various name totally, and that as well, Steve, we’ve got the essential information for you.

Somen Banerjee’s Name Change

It was back in the 1960s that Somen emigrated from the West Indian port city to Canada before deciding to take a trip south to the United States and also eventually settling in Los Angeles in 1969. That’s around the moment he took up the tag of “Steve” since not just was it a little similar to his birth name, but he likewise wanted it to aid him mix right into his setting a bit more flawlessly. Nevertheless, his whole goal for transferring was apparently to seek and attain the “American Dream” in such a way that would place most residents to shame– success was his ambition as well as ambition.

The Hulu manufacturing in fact recommended bigotry as the primary ground for Somen’s shift, yet there have been no reports either validating or denying the very same, indicating this element continues to be dirty (albeit highly probable). We do know he wanted to remain away from stereotypes as much as feasible in spite of the reality he was satisfying one in the early to mid-1970s just by serving as a local gas station manager. With this claimed, however, according to the 2014 book ‘Deadly Dance: The Chippendales Murders’ by K. Scot Macdonald as well as Patrick MontesDeOca, Steve did his finest to contrast the overall impact of his task.

” Although he lugged 160 chubby extra pounds on a 5′ 9 ″ frame, Steve always dressed for success,” the resource message reviews, in component. Adding to his out-of-place appearance at the gas station was his perspective, which betrayed at every chance his idea that his present job was far below what was going to be his true terminal in life.

To put it simply, considering that his goal was essentially to have a stylish, reputable, and also indisputably effective enterprise of his very own someday, with a name to match the exact same, Somen became Steve. Yet, it’s necessary to note he did not drop his birth name at any provided moment, which could be due to the fact that it’s noticable “reveal guys” in his native tongue and held a resemblance to the type of endeavors he wished to pursue. He started with the concept of having a swank backgammon club yet eventually ended with an unique all-male erotic dance performers named Chippendales, named after 18th Century English master furniture manufacturer Thomas Chippendale.

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