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Why Did Kristen Hager Stevie Hammer Leave Chicago Med, Will She Return?

In the seventh season of NBC’s medical collection ‘Chicago Med,’ Dr. Stevie Hammer signs up with Gaffney Chicago Medical Center as a brand-new attending physician. Upon showing up in Chicago from Michigan, Hammer concentrates on the well-being of her mother Terri, that is homeless as well as struggling with medication and alcohol addiction.

Why Did Kristen Hager’s Dr. Stevie Hammer Leave Chicago Med?

After getting here in Chicago, Stevie Hammer tries to be there for her homeless mom regardless of the latter’s repeated rejection of the clinical assistance Hammer deals to her. In the fourteenth episode of the seventh season, Hammer resolves the predicament with Terri and the last begins to get sufficient medical attention. After resolving her concerns with Terri, Hammer leaves Gaffney and also Chicago to move back to Michigan to offer her marriage a second opportunity.

According to co-showrunner Andrew Schneider, the completion of Hammer’s tale arc led the way for Kristen Hager’s separation from the program. “We felt we had actually practically done her tale concerning her mama and also resolved that,” Schneider told Variety. “What’s happening with Stevie today is she’s returning to reconnect as well as attempt with her husband and make that work,” added co-showrunner Diane Frolov to Variety in the exact same interview.

In March 2022, less than a month before Hager’s main departure from the program, the starlet introduced that she is expecting. Despite the fact that neither the showrunners nor Hager had cited the actress’ maternity as the factor behind her exit, it would certainly have been challenging to include the very same in Hammer’s storyline if Hager would have continued to be a part of the medical drama.

Will Kristen Hager’s Dr. Stevie Hammer Return to Chicago Med?

In the wake of Kristen Hager’s separation from the show, showrunners Diane Frolov as well as Andy Schneider validated that Hager’s return as Hammer is certainly an opportunity in the future. “We all really suched as Kristen and also would invite her character coming back in the future,” Frolov and Schneider told Deadline.

Hammer leaves for Michigan to amend her married life with her separated partner, the show hasn’t offered any kind of sign that she will be successful in doing the very same. Considering that the showrunners have not disclosed when it will occur, we might need to wait patiently to see Hammer back in Gaffney.

If Hammer and also her spouse’s marriage is past amendable, we may see her leaving Michigan to go back to Chicago to ensure that she can be with her mommy Terri. If that happens, a go back to Gaffney might turn out to be the next step in the attending physician’s job. Hager’s feasible return might also lead the way for an enchanting connection between Hammer and also Will, a development the admirers of the show had wished to happen badly in the seventh season.
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