Why Did Liv Break up with Danny in Keep Breathing? Do Liv and Danny End Up Together?

Why Did Liv Break up with Danny in Keep Breathing? Do Liv and Danny End Up Together?

Netflix’s ‘Keep Breathing’ adheres to the tale of Liv, who is left alone to fend for herself in the wild following an airplane accident. While attempting to survive the physical obstacles, she also needs to keep up the stamina of her mind, which keeps wandering back to her past and also the blunders she made. One of the people that she considers a whole lot is Danny. He was her co-worker, however quickly, they began dating. In spite of Liv’s aversion to partnerships, she hit it off with him, as well as it looked like the begin of something excellent for her. But then, equally as points were selecting pace in between them, she broke up with him. It is clear that she does like him a lot. So, why did she break up with her? Is there any possibility that they will come back together? Allow’s discover. SPOILERS AHEAD

Why Did Liv Break Up With Danny?

When Liv was still a kid, her mama abandoned her. She never really understood why her mama did that, or why she never came back or even attempted to contact her once again. When the various other person will certainly leave you in the stumble with no explanation whatsoever, this led her to think that connections are breakable and you never understand. This haunted her all through her childhood years, where she fretted if her daddy would certainly leave her as well. It continued into her adulthood, where she entered into relationships with the worry of abandonment. Before the other individual would certainly get the chance to leave her, she made a decision to leave them initially and save herself the broken heart.

Danny wanted to keep it going, especially when he thought that both of them liked each other. In the end, however, Liv decides that it ‘d be better for both of them if they broke up right now rather than making a mess later.

Do Liv as well as Danny End Up Together?

Spending time alone, with no job pressure to distract her, Liv is forced to confront the issues that had been plaguing her for so long. Back home, she ‘d bury herself in work to avoid addressing a problem or to even think about something else in her life, like Danny. In the forest, however, her mind wanders to the happy times with him, and eventually, she accepts that she ‘d made a mistake breaking up with him.

Ultimately, as she releases all the things that had been holding her back, she has a vision of the future. She sees herself bring to life her youngster and also Danny is right alongside her. In what might have been her last minutes, she thinks about having a satisfied household with Danny, and also it only makes good sense that when she endures, she will certainly wish to make this vision a fact.

In the initial episode, while on the airplane, she reviews a text from Danny. It seems he still cares about her and thinking about the timeline, it does not look like it has been also time out of mind she broke up with him. This indicates that there is an opportunity that he’ll wish to have her back, must she want to be with him, particularly when she tells him regarding the maternity. Now that Liv prepares to break down her walls, Danny may discover that she is much more available to discussing her household and her past, and also the factors that had kept her from being with him. With all doubts cleared away, it seems natural that the two of them would certainly return with each other and also live happily ever after.

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