Why Did not Dan Chase Kill Faraz Hamzad in The Old Man, What Happened on Morac Air Flight 31

Why Did not Dan Chase Kill Faraz Hamzad in The Old Man, What Happened on Morac Air Flight 31

‘The Old Man’ is a thriller collection that shows the conflict between Dan Chase (Jeff Bridges) as well as Faraz Hamzad rise with each episode. However, two mysteries stay prevalent throughout the show’s initial season. Customers remain in the dark regarding why Chase, an expert assassin, spared Hamzad’s life prior to running away to the USA. The details regarding what taken place on Morac Air Flight 31 that brought Dan and also Abbey Chase to the USA remain a key. These secrets are solved in the initial season ending, and also if you seek responses regarding them, below is whatever you need to understand! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Why Didn’t Dan Chase Kill Faraz Hamzad in The Old Man?

‘The Old Man’ establishes that Dan Chase was an essential member of Afghan warlord Faraz Hamzad’s camp. Chase would certainly later betray Hamzad and take off to the United States with Hamzad’s wife, Belour. Years later on, Hamzad tracks down Chase and obtains the United States federal government’s help attaining his objective. Therefore, it is implied that Hamzad has a vendetta versus Chase as well as desires vengeance. As the narrative advances, FBI Assistant Director Harold Harper is likewise roped into the problem.

In the season ending, Harper inquiries Chase regarding his past with Hamzad as well as wonders why Chase really did not kill the Afghan warlord while he had the chance. Chase describes that while he intended on killing Hamzad, he couldn’t bring himself to do so as Hamzad’s child was likewise in the room with them.

What Happened on Morac Air Flight 31?

In the fifth episode, Harper is tasked with locating the flight details of Dan and also Abbey Chase from thirty years back. Hamzad desires the flight information of the airplane which brought the Chases to the United States. Harper discovers that Dan and Abbey Chase took a trip on the Morac Air Flight 31. However, Harper never totally comprehends Hamzad’s objectives behind acquiring the information. Hamzad’s reasons for looking for the flight details are discussed in the season ending after Chase and also Harper realize that Hamzad’s guys have taken Angela Adams/Emily Chase.

After the disastrous event, Chase exposes the reality regarding the events that took place on Morac Air Flight 31. Chase after that exposes that Hmzad’s biological little girl traveled with them on Morac Air Flight 31. In the end, the flight details play a critical role in highlighting Hamzad’s motives and vendetta versus Chase.

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