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Why Did Shantel VanSanten Leave FBI? Where Is Shantel VanSanten Now?

Nina Chase, portrayed by Shantel VanSanten, plays an important duty in the fifth as well as 4th seasons of ‘FBI,’ the CBS authorities procedural collection. VanSanten promptly was successful in enthralling the audience with her performance, leaving us wanting much more. If you are wondering why VanSanten left ‘FBI,’ this is what you need to understand.

Why Did Shantel VanSanten Leave FBI?

It was always considered that Peregrym would certainly go back to the show, leading many to think that VanSanten belonged to the actors for a temporary duration. And that ultimately shown to be true, though it seems that showrunner Rick Eid and his group might have some plans regarding her personality.

In episode 6, Chase discovers and also visits a medical professional that she is expecting. Unique Agent Stuart Scola (John Boyd) learns more about the go to from Omar Adom “OA” Zidan (Zeeko Zaki) as well as talks to her. It is exposed that the father is Scola. However, Chase admits that she doesn’t yet know what to do, adding that she requires time to assume. She ultimately transfers to the white-collar department.

” We didn’t wish to kill Nina off. She’s been an unbelievable addition to the show, and linking her tale with Scola’s permits us to maintain her character to life,” Eid told TV Insider in a meeting, supplying hints regarding the future of the personality. “It additionally gives Scola’s character another measurement; he’s now facing parenthood in addition to being an FBI Agent.”

While VanSanten might be gone for now, as her personality is still alive, she can possibly return in the future. It appears that the writers have strategies to make use of the revelations about Chase to add layers to Scola as a personality.

Where Is Shantel VanSanten Now?

Following her apparently last appearance in ‘FBI,’ VanSanten took to Instagram to supply her many thanks to the actors and also team. To all my co-stars, staff and also @fbicbs household thank you for inviting me right into this world with open hearts as well as arms (miss all my hugs)!

In 2022, VanSanten has actually been quite active as an actress. Besides ‘FBI,’ she has worked in Matthew Gentile’s police procedural film ‘American Murderer.’ VanSanten was additionally a member of the main cast in the initial 3 periods of the Apple TV+ series ‘For All Mankind,’ depicting the character Karen Baldwin.

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