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Why Did Zafik go to Jail, Does Zafik Die in a The Assistant

It adheres to Zafik, an ex-convict who browses for his family’s awesomes. The duo’s diametrically contrary individualities develop several difficulties in Zafik’s search for vengeance.

The film’s orgasm discloses the fact that the fatality of Zafik’s family is directly tied to his jail time. Zafik’s bloody mission will make visitors curious regarding his destiny in the movie. If you seek responses in those relates to, here is everything you require to learn about Zafik’s jail time as well as fate in ‘The Assistant.’

Why Did Zafik most likely to Jail?

In the movie, when viewers very first fulfill Zafik, he is in jail for an unexpressed crime. Zafik is launched from jail as well as look for the awesomes of his family. Viewers do not learn why Zafik’s imprisonment is until much later. After Zafik satisfies Feroz, he discloses that he was charged of medicine ownership and also imprisoned after the authorities found carpets in his car. Zafik only knows one part of the story, and the real reason for imprisonment is revealed during the final act.

During his altercation with Sam, Zafik learns that his refusal to join the Golden Lion Corp was behind his time in prison. As a result, Sam pays a drug addict to plant drugs in Zafik’s car. Eventually, Zafik’s imprisonment results from Sam’s jealousy over Zafik’s family life and Seng’s desire to protect his criminal empire.

Does Zafik Die?

Zafik’s quest for revenge puts him on a collision course with several notorious criminals. Sam captures Zafik and shoots him in the face. Zafik’s life is saved as Feroz, the split personality within Zafik, takes control of the body.

As a result, Zafik is forced to fight the Feroz personality. Zafik is about to lose the fight, but he realizes that Feroz’s persona was created after his suicide attempt. In the end, Zafik is alive, and a new personality named Yasmine is created within him.

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