Why I don’t want kids outside wedlock, by Toke Makinwa

By Ekaete Bassey

Media personality Toke Makinwa has said she wants to give birth but only within the confines of marriage.

She said this during a question and answer session with fans and followers via her insta stories.

When asked if she welcomes the idea of having kids without getting married, Toke revealed she doesn’t want to have children outside marriage because she would want them to have a life she never had while growing up.

Makinwa, who is optimistic of finding love again, also revealed she lost her parents at a very tender age, adding she wouldn’t want her kids to ever experience such an ordeal.

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A curious fan asked: “Do you think of having a child without marriage? Or you’re keen on marriage?

Toke replied: “I definitely want to get married again. Losing both my parents at 8 hurt so much.”

She added; ““I’ll like my kids to have the life I never had while growing up. Hopefully the universe sends me a good man.”

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