Why Is Evan Rachel Wood Worried About Playing Madonna in the Weird Al Movie?

Why Is Evan Rachel Wood Worried About Playing Madonna in the Weird Al Movie

Westworld star Evan Rachel Wood is worried about playing Madonna in Roku’s Weird: The Al Yankovic Story flick starring Daniel Radcliffe. For the past couple of years, the Emmy-nominated starlet has actually gathered critical acclaim for her leading role as prime host Dolores Abernathy on HBO’s significantly analytical sci-fi series Westworld. At the end of period 3, Dolores sacrifices herself to destroy the super-computer Rehoboam. However, Wood will return in Westworld season 4, premiering June 26, as a mysterious brand-new personality, a writer called Christina.

Apart from Westworld, Wood has been branching out with different other roles in recent years. Among one of the most appealing performances she has lined is as the pop icon Madonna in the Weird: The Al Yankovic Story. Other than Wood, the Roku manufacturing stars the Harry Potter star as the titular satirical singer, Rain Wilson as Dr. Demento, Toby Huss as well as Julianne Nicholson as Al Yankovic’s parents, and also James Preston Rogers as Hulk Hogan. The first take a look at Wood as Madonna revealed she will absolutely look the part in the upcoming Weird Al film, though the actress continues to be worried about some facets of her casting.

During a look on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Wood opened about playing the pop icon. She even previewed her early 1980s Madonna voice, which was really “nasally” and “deactivating,” as Wood defines it. Nonetheless, her casting wasn’t gotten rid of with Madonna in advance, which the Westworld star is worried may place her on bad terms with the beloved vocalist. Review what Wood shared listed below:

I mean, it was like midway through recording, and I just thought – they’ve undoubtedly cleared this with her. As well as then midway through recording, I looked at them, I was like, “Yeah, so you people clearly spoke to Madonna. You simply put me on bad terms with Madonna.”

Functioning on this limited schedule, it’s reasonable why they may not have actually had time to reach out to Madonna as well as run Wood’s casting by her. The history in between Weird Al and Madonna goes back to 1986 when he parodied the pop star’s knockout hit “Like a Virgin” with “Like a Surgeon,” the suggestion for the track supposedly coming directly from Madonna herself.

While the upcoming Madonna biopic starring Ozark’s Julia Garner will certainly supply even more of a significant deep-dive into the pop star’s life, Wood’s Madonna will certainly be appearing as a sustaining personality in Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, which will be a comedy. Wood additionally will not be singing in the motion picture, which reduces a lots of stress. Outside of Westworld, Wood has silently been kipping down solid performances in the HBO miniseries Mildred Pierce and the Sundance struck Kajillionaire, so her future turn as Madonna will likely be no different.

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