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Why is Kleo Sent to Prison and Explained

Netflix’s thriller collection ‘Kleo’ adheres to Kleo Straub, an unofficial Stasi assassin that belongs to the Minister’s “unique concerns” task force. Kleo passed her training with flying colors and also special gratitude from her superiors. The same additionally led her to be a part of East Germany’s several prominent secret goals. In 1987, Kleo kills an unknown male in West Berlin to satisfy an objective offered to her by her superiors.

Also after completing the mission as told, Kleo obtains locked up quickly, without also providing her clearness concerning the charges against her. As she sets out to find the factor behind her imprisonment after getting released from prison, the audiences may desire to recognize the very same.

Why is Kleo Sent to Prison?

In 1987, Kleo travels to West Berlin and kills an unknown man at a disco bar named Big Eden. After killing her target, Kleo returns to her “normal” life, working at a factory. When Germany gets reunified, the government releases the political prisoners including Kleo for her to start the journey to find the truth about her imprisonment.

Kleo signs up with hands with former West German police officer Sven Petzold to discover what truly happened behind the scenes worrying her apprehension and sentence. After satisfying every person involved with her jail time, Kleo discovers that the last mission she completed is the reason behind she was put behind bars. To address the enigma, Kleo after that starts to discover whom she eliminated at Big Eden and also the materials of the red suitcase he had with him. Kleo as well as Sven get the bag from Chile despite Comrade Ramona’s efforts to stop them. The bag was loaded with files concerning a deal United States head of state Ronald Reagan had made with then-East German official Honecker.

When East Germany was having a hard time financially, Reagan realized that it is essential to keep the communist-socialist nation as an effective danger for the United States to eliminate the same, which opens a portal for the superpower to make its existence recognized in Europe. The deal, however, provided Minister Erich Mielke an opportunity to blackmail Honecker. The latter’s wife Margot looked for the assistance of Kleo’s grandfather Otto to clear up the affair. Prior To Margot and also Otto could do anything, a military policeman swiped the records to give them to a West German informant. To place an end to the military police officer’s initiatives, Otto utilized the most effective representative at his disposal, his granddaughter Kleo.

Kleo succeeds in her mission to stop the official but her involvement in the same becomes a headache for Otto and Margot. Since Otto and Margot use Kleo as an assassin for their gain, it was important for them to erase their paths.

Since Kleo is Otto’s granddaughter, they fail to kill Kleo, the closest relative of their most pivotal ally. Honecker, Margot, and Otto may have thought that Kleo will never get released from prison for her to confront them about her fake imprisonment, only for the fall of the country to change their understanding.

As far as Otto is concerned, sending Kleo to prison is his method of protecting her from death. The moment Otto vanishes, Andi gets an order to kill Kleo to safeguard the files and also conceal the factor behind her jail time, which involves effective individuals like Honecker as well as Margot.

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