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Will Jamie Work With Market Equities? Will Jamie Betray John in Yellowstone Season 5?

The family patriarch, John Dutton (Kevin Costner), ventures into politics while his adopted kid, Jamie Dutton’s political ambitions are sidelined. As a result, a conflict is making in between John Dutton as well as Jamie Dutton, and also the threatening Market Equities are lurking to capitalize on this break.

Will Jamie Work With Market Equities?

The setting was longed for by his child, Jamie Dutton, who is the Attorney General. John thinks Jamie can best aid the Dutton household by continuing his present role. When Governor Lynelle Perry approaches John with the offer to endorse Jamie as a prospect for Governor, John refuses.

Consequently, it is safe to claim that Jamie is not precisely happy with this turn of occasions. Jamie’s misery is caught on cam by Ellis Steele, a property representative working for Market Equities, as well as CEO Caroline Warner. The duo determines Jamie as the weak spot of the household and plans to target him. Additionally, it was Jamie who originally signed the lease to John’s land and gave it to Market Equities to construct their flight terminal. With John Dutton honestly beginning a war with the multinational company by reducing the funding for the flight terminal, Market Equities could attempt to entice Jamie to their side to defeat his father.

Will Jamie Betray John?

Jamie Dutton is the adopted boy of John Dutton. As visitors could already understand, Jamie was taken on by John and also his better half after his biological father, Garrett Randall, killed his mommy and also was punished to jail.

Because of this, Jamie almost betrayed John in the 4th season. The possibility of Jamie attempting something comparable would be duplicating the exact same trick. Jamie’s personality and also psychological sensitivity make him prone to adjustment. Consequently, he could be coaxed right into collaborating with Market Equities, therefore betraying John. Jamie’s scenario with John is complicated by his previous efforts to go across the Dutton patriarch. Beth is aware of Jamie’s participation in Garrett’s fatality. Therefore, she blackmails him into obeying John.

In the 2nd episode of season 5, labelled ‘The Sting Of Wisdom,’ Beth cautions Jamie, as well as their interaction proves that the latter is still really feeling endangered by his sibling. If Jamie betrays John, Beth will definitely make Jamie’s life miserable. Inevitably, the opportunity of Jamie functioning with Market Equities reignites the potential of the adopted Dutton family member betraying John.

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