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Will Mariana Die in Holy Family?

Netflix’s thriller series ‘Holy Family’ revolves around Julia, that witnessed her child Santi’s not successful initiatives to end up being a papa. When she came to know that Santi’s other half Natalia can not give birth to a kid without endangering her very own life, Julia used to come to be the surrogate mother of Santi and also Natalia’s youngster and she brought to life Nico. When Santi all of a sudden passed away, Natalia decided to move to Argentina with Nico, only for Julia to abduct the infant from her with the help of her little girl Mariana as well as kid Eduardo.

Julia, Mariana, Eduardo, and Nico began a new phase of their lives in Madrid upon thinking the incorrect identities of Gloria, Aitana, Abel, as well as Hugo respectively. Julia’s plan to be with Nico even as Gloria leads the method for dangerous repercussions.

Will Mariana (Aitana) Die?

When Natalia shows up in Madrid looking for Mariana, the latter has currently understood the gravity of her mommy Julia’s unhealthy obsession with Nico. Mariana starts to believe that she as well as Eduardo were compromising their own lives just for Julia to replace Santi with Nico.

To stop Mariana from handing over Nico to Natalia, Julia stabs her own little girl and takes the infant from her. As Eduardo leads them to their van and drives off, Mariana is battling with her stab injury. Of all, Julia stabs her after telling her exactly how much she despises to harm her.

Julia doesn’t stab Mariana to kill her. She intends to literally make her little girl vulnerable to make sure that she can take Nico from the latter. For the very same, Julia has to have made a non-fatal stab instead of a life-threatening one. Having said that, Mariana doesn’t obtain any kind of medical focus after enduring a stab injury, which may complicate her condition. Because Eduardo prioritizes leaving from the community, he is submersed in discovering a way out of the area instead of doing what Mariana requires.

When his senses return to her, Eduardo is anticipated to make a quit at a hospital to make sure that Mariana’s life isn’t threatened. If the second season of the show emerges, we may see Mariana leading her very own life away from Julia and also her obsession with Nico.

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