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Women are naturally greedy, selfish – Pete Edochie

By Ekaete Bassey

Veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie has asserted women are by default very greedy and selfish

The 74-year-old actor spoke in an exclusive chat on Adakarl TV where he stated that it’s in the character of women to be selfish and greedy depending on how they were indoctrinated.

Explaining further, Pete Edochie sited an example noting that 5 men can peacefully stay in a room as undergraduates till they eventually graduate but it’s not the same for women.

The lead character of the iconic series “Things Fall Apart” added it is quite unfortunate, regrettable but true that those traits are existent in the composition of women.

Pete Edochie also citing another example explained that the introduction of a woman among two harmonious brothers is capable of causing a rift between them that could even result to one killing the other.

He said: “Quote me…quote, it is in the character of women there is this inimical flaw that is uncompromising about them that makes them very greedy and very selfish.

It is not always that women represent bad influence but depends on how you were indoctrinated, that’s what matters.”

Social media users have expressed their opinions on the veteran actor’s assertion.

While most persons have affirmed and noted that Pete Edochie is obviously stating the obvious.

Few others have noted that selfishness and greed are not peculiar to the women folks alone.

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Dollargirldice said: “Very true. That is why wife would borrow husband 1m and wife would ask husband for 2million later. Husband would give 2million to wife. Wife would come months later to ask for the 1 million she borrowed her husband. Na so we be Make una no vex.”

dazling_ella wrote: “He told no lies. It depends on how they were indoctrinated.”

queen__claire22 stated: “he’s right though, especially that roommate part police will come no be small.”

Busayoofficial said: “This is true, let’s not argue this.”

meggie_nj wrote: “Sad truth. I’ve realized this stereotype towards the women folk and personally I try intentionally to go against them, but other women keep frustrating my efforts. They’re pretty, stupid, materialistic, and to cap it all fish brain(ed) hence can’t coexist in a room. Small thing the entire world for no fit contain them women. PITIFUL!!!”

long_ass_day stated: “I guess the corruption in Nigerian was spear headed by women all these years. Greed and selfishness do not belong to women, it’s a human vice. If y’all want to go by gender nobody surpasses the male gender in that evil vice. So make una rest. Old age and deep voice doesn’t always equal wisdom.”

fragrance_by_pee said: “Absolutely true.”

mr_damilola1 wrote: “If you ladies don’t know this by now then you need to go wake TB Joshua up for special deliverance.”

Universalbigb stated: “Ndi Feminist oooo….una patable meal is ready…make una come with cutlery come chop.”

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