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Women Talking Review: Sarah Polley Film is Stagey and Inauthentic

Stories We Tell is one of my favorite documentaries of all time. If you watched those documentaries and listened to the traumatic stories of women getting away cults, you would know how unrealistic Women Talking is. In spite of Polley’s great intentions, the movie really feels stagey and also inauthentic.

Many of the movie is set up inside a hayloft, where a team of women have actually gathered to talk about how to respond after several counts of rape as well as sex-related misuse are discovered within their area. The women tighten their alternatives down to three: do absolutely nothing, battle and also remain, or leave.

The method males in religious cults put in power is by regulating every aspect of women’s lives. Going back to docudramas, one of the primary components that stood out is just how women that at some point left prepared their runs. If obtaining out of a terrible cult was as easy as revealed in the movie, a lot a lot more women would certainly have left cults.

My 2nd main issue with the movie is that women who have actually spent their whole lives in captivity do not sound as erudite and also innovative as the main characters in this film. Consider the sort of controlled lives these women have actually lived. They never had any sort of education (this is extremely clear in one scene, where among the characters does not know which instructions is where.) These women additionally never ever had any communication with the outside world. With such a sort of direct exposure, or absence thereof, just how can these women make such well-phrased philosophical and also moral debates? At times, it appeared to me that I was not enjoying a team of women in a cult planning their following strategy but instead a lot of ideology pupils arguing in a role-play group discussion.

I know I am most likely being as well technical concerning the information. It appears Polley was a lot more interested in exploring the mental element of escaping a cult than the physical one. Still, Polley’s lack of interest in creating a credible cult is just one of the main reasons why the film stops working to combine all the concepts in a coherent means. She is much more interested in the message than the nuts and bolts of the escape. And if that indicates developing a fabricated world where the personalities are utilized as blow horns, then so be it.

I do not want to trivialize the concerns that the movie is trying to highlight. I am very aware exactly how vital as well as topical they are– that’s why I have not missed out on a solitary documentary made on the subject in the last few years. As we all know, honorable intent doesn’t assure an excellent movie. Women Talking could have a function, but it has no spirit.

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