You talk too much, fans react after Burna Boy brags he sold out 02 tickets


‘You talk too much’ and ‘you are a braggart’.

These were some reactions from fans after Grammy award-winning singer, Burna Boy disclosed he singlehandedly sold out tickets for his show in the 02 Arena, London.

The self-acclaimed African giant, who had his concert over the weekend in the 02 Arena, did not just record a massive success but also dazzled his fans and most social media with his epic grand entrance on stage which was facilitated by a spaceship.

Even though some social media insisted he didn’t really emerge from the spaceship noting he was already among the crowd and that was why the smoke had to be induced to produce a make believe effect.

While others were simply mind-blown seeing ‘Odogwu’ pulled off such phenomenal stunt.

colmac_auto_transport stated: “He didn’t come out of that space ship, must have come out through underground. The smoke effect was used to cover up and make us believe he dropped from the space ship.”

izilee8 wrote; “Holograms and popping up from under the stage … Very creative. Nice one!”

jesicaosajie said: “Why do I feel he didn’t come out from the spaceship but from down the stage, and used the smoke as a disguise.”

tonytida_tmg stated: “Baba from under come out..dem u smoke cover Una eye.”

abidekphones1wrote: “Omo!!!!!!Levels dey true true.”

Tamyhart said: “Burna no small at all.”

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french_ebimor stated: “Burna with the doings.”

i_am_phyz wrote: “King Doings. African Giant.”

Meanwhile, amid the absolute bedazzlement of social media users as Wizkid sold out his “Made in Lagos” concert tickets billed to take place in same arena on November 28 in just 12 minutes which saw the “Joro” singer burst out with his excitement and he expressed love for his fans.

As such, the “Twice as Tall” singer feeling the urge to explain the success of his most recent concert stated the tickets were sold out by him, at his desired prices and exactly in the manner he wanted.

Burna explaining further said one should never talk much but show action instead.

He wrote; “I Sold OUT the O2 by myself. At the prices I wanted. The way I wanted. Never talk much, just show Action!”

Reacting, many social media users have referred to the singer as a braggart adding he actually talks too much while accusing him of not selling out like him claimed noting the arena had empty seats.

Others have noted the 30-year-old Port Harcourt is proud while they hailed Big Wiz for being humble even though he sold out tickets for his upcoming concert in 12 minutes yet didn’t sound the yet didn’t display any atom of pride nor bragged about it.

hazeez_hakanji said: “Neva talk too much..! After you talk plenty.”

balsoqz01 wrote: “Facts….. But who even talk much… Small thing yen yen yen…. Sha u try boss.”

mias_designz stated: “Abeg you don dey talk too much.”

sonsymentor said: “Braggart.”

runshex wrote: “Now he is talking too much again.”

_sarhmmy stated: “Burnaboy and pride Dey walk shoulder to shoulder…Wizkid wey sell out in 12mins Dey lowkey.”

dimummie said: “Na lie ooooo!! He never sold anything out!!”

youngdude_1_0_1_ wrote: “Person wey sold out in 12 minutes self no brag.”

unapologeticmillenial stated: “Pride.”

kiddie_buy said: “Stop these nonsense lots of empty seat.you talk too much.you just did ur best.”

teemercy14 wrote: “This alone is too much talk.”

camille_storm stated: “he’s talking a lot tho.”

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