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Zulema Pastenes: Where is Alex Cox Wife Now?

With ‘Sins of Our Mother’ profiling the haunting instance of Lori Vallow Daybell, we get a true understanding into the many fatalities bordering her in the late 2010s as well as her claimed hand in the same. This three-part Netflix initial graphes not just her end-times extremism, her paranoia, and also her love with Chad Daybell but additionally the method they could’ve presumably driven her to murder. For now, if you simply wish to find out more about her when pal Zulema Ruth Pastenes, better known as her late senior bro Alexander Cox’s wife, we’ve obtained every crucial detail for you.

Who is Zulema Pastenes?

As a passionate Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS Church) member, Zulema Pastenes actually fulfilled Lori via the organization locally in Arizona, just for them to quickly develop a relationship. She therefore quickly joined the latter’s spiritual apocalyptic group with Chad, which is where she was reportedly ultimately presented to Lori’s similarly believing brother or sister Alexander “Alex” as a reasonable suitor. Zulema tied the knot with Alex in Las Vegas on November 29, 2019, as well as he promptly took her last name.

Where is Zulema Pastenes Now?

With Alex passing away upon being discovered collapsed inside their Gilbert, Arizona residence washroom on December 12, 2019, Zulema came to be a widow virtually 2 weeks after their wedding celebration. The neighborhood police consequently interviewed her mainly owing to the surrounding circumstances related to Lori, and reports recommend she substantially downplayed their entire association. When issue’s worrying Alex’s health and wellness were covered as well as the discussion relocated to Lori, an authorities record specified: “She did not know where Lori lives … She had actually satisfied Lori a couple of times prior to when Lori lived in your area … She did not think Lori was married.” However she ostensibly knew it all.

We ought to mention that given that the body of Chad’s initial wife, Tammy, was exhumed just a day prior under suspicion as well as he would certainly spoken to Alex, Zulema asked her hubby if he had anything to do with it. “He goes, ‘No.’ That’s it. Absolutely nothing else. I was waiting on him to claim something else. So I’m like, ‘Ok … Are you mosting likely to state anything else?’ [He responded] ‘No,'” she told officials. As she began to stroll away thinking he had not been included, Alex supposedly stated, “I believe I am being their autumn man,” and also after that rejected to elaborate by just specifying, “Either I am a male of God or I am not.” He passed away the adhering to day.

Chad as well as Lori were likewise supposedly taxing Zulema as well as her spouse to move to their base in Rexburg, Idaho, yet she ‘d stood her ground, and now she’s thankful she did. She told investigators, “I now [see] that they had an actual wicked strategy to do something to me or Alex or that we were the final piece to move to Rexburg, and also by the grace of God, I really did not move there. I evaded a bullet by not moving to Rexburg … I ask myself whether these people are insane or they’re just led by evil.”

In spite of every little thing, Zulema believes she and Alex were truly crazy. Pertaining to her location, from what we can tell, Zulema remains to live in Gilbert, Arizona, right now, where she favors to maintain her distance from the limelight. All we recognize is that she once offered as an Emotion Code Practitioner, a specialist who assists clients get rid of emotional distress via muscle testing.

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