Ana Mena shines with her new single Madrid City

His ability to master any musical style and make it his own is second to none

Every time Ana Mena presents a new musical project, the world falls at her feet, and this is not surprising. His ability to master any musical style and make it his own is undeniable. A talented resident of Malaga has become one of the most talented artists on the national music scene, filling the stage with her voice and the finished choreography behind each song.

The city of Madrid will once again become one of the themes that we are sure you will hear every time you turn on the radio or go to a party anywhere in Spain. In this new video clip, Ana Mena leads us by the hand through the iconic places of the Spanish capital, which she has taken as her home throughout her musical career. From the historic Rio Plaza in Plaza de Espana to other iconic corners of Madrid.

And as if that wasn’t enough, he released the single at the perfect moment. The song is a tribute to those summer couples who, for various reasons, remain in a strong but fleeting love relationship that begins with the first rays of the sun and ends when September knocks on the door. Many of those who hear it will feel identified with this story.

It was first performed at the Arenal Sound Festival, where everyone was impressed and filled social networks with videos of the new single, asking Ana Mena to please release it as soon as possible. After that, he repeated it again at the WiZink Center and promised that in two weeks we would be able to hear it on all platforms. And so it was. If you haven’t seen it yet, run, play the game!

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