Bimbo Ademoye praises Femi Adebayo’s new film Jagun Jagun: “The result does not surprise me at all”

Bimbo Ademoye has praised Femi Adebayo’s highly anticipated film Jagun Jagun, which is now available on Netflix.

Since its premiere, the epic drama has received good reviews, and its release has been celebrated with awe.
Ademoye took to Instagram to upload a short video clip expressing her enthusiasm for the release of Jagun Jagun.

She described how she felt an adrenaline rush that made her shiver just 20 minutes after the start of the film, and she praised Femi Adebayo for his dedication to the success of the film.

She wrote, I’ve never been so excited about August 10 in my life. Barely 20 minutes into this masterpiece and I’m already shaking. Dear Uncle @femiadebayosalami, I know the hard work and dedication you put into this masterpiece.
The result does not surprise me at all. And congratulations to egbon. Jagun Jagun is now being shown on Netflix. I would have said it plays your favorites, but omo, even the face of your favorites is in it.

Bimbo Ademoye’s Post Appreciating Femi Adebayo’s Craft Triggers Reactions


I just saw it…. Eventually shed a tear. Five stars, ten stars in fact.

My weekend movie makes me cough a little this morning.

It’s worth the hypekudos for all the performers for a job that was welded .

Perfect movie for my birthday today! It was totally worth it. Well done, sir.

Hah, this movie was worth watching, still think about it. Kudos to the cast and crew.

This brought tears to my eyes: Bimbo Ademoye says while Lady Iya recreates Barakat for UNILAG Costume Day

Meanwhile, recalls that fast-rising Nollywood actress Bimbo Ademoye recently went online to share how emotionally something a fan did made her feel.

The Anikulapo movie star noticed that the photo of a young lady imitating the Iya Barakat look for her school’s costume day made her emotional and almost brought tears to her eyes.

Bimbo urged people to help her tag her, the young lady who rocked the Iya Barakat look for UNILAG costume Day, and revealed that she had started the series/brand almost like a joke, but has become a household name by now.

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