Controversial Disqualification of Bravo B from Big Brother Mzansi

Bravo B, a housemate in the South African version of Big Brother, Big Brother Mzansi, has been disqualified following a derogatory comment made during a conversation with fellow housemate, Makhekhe.

In a chat with Makhekhe on a Friday morning, Bravo B made inappropriate comments about sexually exploiting some female housemates who were tipsy. The nature of the comments prompted swift action from the show’s organizers.

Disqualification Announcement:

On Friday night, during a live broadcast, Biggie, the voice of Big Brother, announced Bravo B’s disqualification with the following statement: “Bravo B, you are hereby disqualified from the Big Brother House. Bravo B, report to the Diary Room immediately.”

Repercussions for Makhekhe:

In the aftermath of Bravo B’s disqualification, the organizers stated that Makhekhe, who was part of the conversation, would face reprimand from Big Brother. This includes a social lesson on behavior etiquettes. The organizers also expressed their commitment to coaching Makhekhe to actively call out anyone who speaks or behaves in a derogatory manner.

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