Masamune-Kun without Revenge: Will there be a season 3 anime?

Season 3 of Masamune-Kun no revenge became a hot topic of discussion after the release of the last episode of the second season, in which Makabe Masamune reunited with the cruel princess Aki Adagaki. Since the animation studio has not provided any details regarding the extension of the series after the final episode, fans are wondering if the series will have another sequel or not.

Fans may be disappointed to learn that the latest season covered the entire main storyline of the Masamune-Kun manga without revenge. Hence, the possibilities of season 3 of Masamune-Kun no revenge are very unlikely. At the same time, there is still a small chance that the series will return, albeit with a different narrative.

Although the 3rd season of Masamune-kun no Revenge is one of the long-awaited sequels, it is unlikely that it will take place for any key reason. Fans should know that the latest sequel titled Masamune-Kun no Revenge R has completely covered the main storyline of the manga. The last episode, released on September 18, 2023, covered chapter 50 and concluded the main narrative.

The Masamune-Kun manga series without Revenge by mangaka Takeoka Hazuki consists of 12 volumes, the first 10 of which are devoted to the main story, and the remaining volumes are devoted to the future of the characters. Given that the latest sequel was adapted for Volume 10, it is unlikely that the 3rd season of Masamune-Kun without Revenge will be released, and only the following stories will be covered.

In addition, these stories are autonomous and have no sequence. Thus, we will not see the return of Silver Link Studio with the 3rd season of Masamune-Kun no Revenge with only future storylines. At the same time, it is still possible that the series will be renewed if the studio decides to adapt the manga series Masamune-Kun no Revenge: Engagement.

The narrative in this sequel to the manga takes place a year after Masamune and Aki met. Masamune-Kun without Revenge: The Engagement sees the lovers start a long-distance relationship after Aki is forced to go to Sapporo to enroll in his university.

Unfortunately, at the moment this sequel is not popular enough to be turned into an anime. However, if the manga sells well, it is quite possible that it will become the basis for season 3 of Masamune-Kun without revenge.

There is no denying that Masamune-Kun no Revenge has received a huge response from fans, especially with the series Masamune-Kun no Revenge. According to MyAnimeList, the latest sequel received a decent rating of 7.28 out of 10.

Given that this is a fairly popular series, there is still a small chance of a new season of Masamune-Kun no Revenge. However, it would either be a complete original anime story, or based on future stories or a sequel to the manga.

Season 2 Finale Masamune-Kun without Revenge

The last season of Masamune-Kun no Revenge ended on a happy note for both Makabe and Aki, as the main character preferred Aki to Yoshino. Makabe realized that he only saw Yoshino as a master. Instead of Yoshino, he had feelings of love for Aki Adagaki.

Thus, he rejected Yoshino in the last episode and expressed his true feelings to Aki Adagaki. Cruel Princess Aki accepted Makabe’s feelings, and the duo passionately kissed her at school.

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