The Benefits of Living Together Before Marriage, According to Simi

Nigerian singer Simi, known as Simi Kosoko, recently shared her perspective on the idea of couples living together before marriage. In the latest episode of the Tea With Tay podcast, she expressed her support for cohabitation, citing the belief that it allows couples to truly understand each other before making the commitment of marriage.

Simi’s Personal Experience

Simi opened up about her own experience, revealing that she and her husband, Adekunle Gold, lived together before tying the knot. She explained that spending time at Adekunle Gold’s place allowed them to know each other on a deeper level, beyond the usual dating scenarios.

Knowing Beyond Best Behavior

Simi emphasized the importance of experiencing various facets of a person’s personality before deciding to get married. She noted that people may present their best behavior when outside, but living together unveils different aspects, such as how someone behaves when hungry, sleepy, or even snoring.

Insights into Daily Life

Living together, according to Simi, provides a unique insight into a partner’s daily life, showcasing their habits, moods, and routines. This firsthand experience helps individuals make more informed decisions about committing to a lifelong partnership.

Addressing Potential Concerns

Acknowledging that her viewpoint might not align with everyone, Simi clarified that her suggestion doesn’t mandate a lengthy cohabitation period. She emphasized that even a short period of living together can offer valuable insights into compatibility.

Final Thoughts

While millions of people have successfully married without living together beforehand, Simi believes that cohabitation is a good idea for those considering marriage. It’s a personal choice that can contribute to a deeper understanding of a partner’s true self, helping couples navigate the challenges that may arise in married life.

In summary, Simi’s perspective highlights the idea that living together before marriage can be a beneficial step towards building a strong and lasting connection.

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