This mystical mini-series on Netflix consists of 6 chapters and is ideal for watching together

Come up with your craziest theories about this mystery miniseries, which is perfect to watch with your partner on their next Netflix session.

One of the best moments we can experience as a couple is when the series takes us by surprise and both put forward thousands of theories about what they just watched. That’s the case with this mystery miniseries, which you can enjoy on Netflix, and which, over the course of 6 chapters, tells us a story that can take your mint for a long walk. We are talking about the film “Behind his Eyes”, a production that will pleasantly surprise you.

“Behind His Eyes” is a 6-chapter adaptation of Sarah Pinborough’s novel of the same name, which quickly won a legion of fans thanks to its exciting plot and complex characters. The series tells about the life of Louise, a single mother who begins to get closer to a mysterious couple consisting of David and Adele. As the plot develops, secrets and hidden truths begin to be revealed, which leads to a denouement that takes the breath away from the audience.

With this mystery miniseries, Netflix has achieved a resounding success, as it is ideal for viewing in pairs due to its complex plot that will make you put forward crazy theories. “Behind His Eyes” is an exciting production that immerses us in a world of secrets, intrigues and unexpected twists that from the very beginning rivet the viewer to the screen.

From top-notch performances to a stellar production team, they make this Netflix mystery miniseries one of the best options for this weekend, “Behind Their Backs,” it stands out for its ability to keep the viewer on their toes all the time. Each episode is carefully thought out to reveal only what is needed to maintain interest, but not to give away too much. This creates an exciting viewing experience that will keep you guessing until the last minute.

In just 6 chapters, without revealing spoilers, we can say with confidence that the denouement “Behind their backs” is a turn that no one will see. The creators have woven the plot so skillfully that the final blow is like an emotional blow that will sound long after the end credits are over. Now you know that this mini-series is perfect for watching together and creates an atmosphere of mystery in your home.

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