I sold some of my properties to make Jagun Jagun: Femi Adebayo talks about his new movie Clip Trends

The famous Nigerian filmmaker Femi Adebayo recently told in an interview how much he invested and risked to make his new film Jagun Jagun a success.

During the trend interview, Femi Adebayo also revealed that his father is his greatest mentor and inspiration.

He explained that during his time at the university it was always a matter of pride for him when people saw and identified him as the son of Oga Bello, and the desire to give such a privilege to his children is one of his biggest motivations.

Why Femi Adebayo sold some of his properties

Femi also shared that at some point he had to sell some of his plots to produce Jagun Jagun and make sure that it was at the level he wanted.

Femi Adebayo’s latest film, Jagun Jagun, Trends in the UK and 17 other countries

Meanwhile, Legit.ng reported that Nigerian filmmaker Femi Adebayo has reached another milestone in the Yoruba-Nollywood industry with the latest film project.

The director, who makes Yoruba films accessible to a global audience, has continued to break through barriers and challenge norms.

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